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   History                   Subject Leader - Miss H Hawley


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What History looks like


Elm class' topic is all about gardens! They will be discovering what garden games children used to play in the past.

Birch class will be taking their attention to their local area, seeing what has changed over the years.

Oak class will be travelling back to the Victorian times and explore how schools have changed since then!

Take a look at what they have all been up to so far:




In the Spring term Year 3 have been learning all about the Iron Age! They have discovered how roundhouses were built, and where and why tribes would decide to settle.

Year 4 have been looking at Anglo-Saxons, where they came from and their feud with the Scots!

Year 5 have discovered the brutal impact of the Vikings on areas of the UK, their sneaky tactics and imagined what it would be like to be on a Viking raid.

Year 6 have delved into our past looking closely at WW2, in particular how the war would have impacted their lives if they were a child during that time.


Take a look at our KS2 historians:

As part of their venture into Viking life, Year 5 re-enacted out some Viking myths and legends about their Gods: