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   Birch Class   

Our Teacher is Mr Smith. 

Mrs Coll teaches Year 1 each morning. 

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Hill and Mrs Brayford 



  • Outdoor Learning will happen as part of our Topic and Science lessons again this half term. A text will be sent if wellies are required. 
  • Our PE day is Wednesday. Please send your children to school in PE kits on Wednesdays. 
  • Tapestry - Remember to upload any Magic Moments that happen at home to Tapestry so that we can share these wonderful achievements with our class. 

Autumn Term Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter  

Reception Children 

Please see below an overview of our learning this week in Reception. This may help you to start conversations with your children about their days at school. 




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We a very busy morning out in the sun. Our topic is called Ready, Steady, Grow. So far we have learned all about plants, trees and this week thought about the life cycle of a frog. Today, as part of our science lesson, we looked at the different parts of a plant. On Wednesday we had a good look at our broad bean plants to see how they are getting on and this morning we have planted some perennial plants in our grass back that we hope will grow for everybody to see each year. Before we planted them, we had a look at some of the plants and the different parts of them before using our muscles to dig holes in the grass and planting them.

We’ll keep you posted to see how our plants are growing over the next few weeks.



This morning fir our weekly Show and Tell, we have been over to the Library! The children brought in their favourite books from home so we thought it would be lovely to go and tell our friends all about them in the best place to read a book.


We’ve had such a fun filled week this week. We’ve started our new topic called Ready, Steady, Grow! This week has been all about plants. We’ve had lots of activities based around plants and flowers, painting, making Lego flowers, beginning to learn about Georgia O’Keeffe in art along with some observational drawings of flowers, we took a trip to forest school to see what was growing up there. We’ve also planted broad beans today and watered them well, we’re looking forward to watching them grow over the next few weeks. There were so many other things we’ve done that made our week just super!

We can’t wait for next week!


Thank you to one of our lovely families. Yesterday they made a special visit  to share their latest arrivals with us. The children absolutely loved this experience and were talking about it all afternoon


We had a lovely Eastery day today, designing Easter eggs, making observational drawing of daffodils and most excitingly, making our lovely and delicious cornflake Easter cakes! We can’t wait to see what fun is in store for us tomorrow.


Birch class have been learning about The Winter Olympics ðŸÂ… this week. Today they made an Olympic torch and had a try at curling in PE. The torches will come home when there is less wind 🌬


Birch Class have had such a busy day. We have made tiger masks and hats, tried a range of Chinese foods, listened to some Chinese music and read a story all about the animals in the zodiac calendars. This afternoon we tried writing our name in Chinese too, that was tricky but we gave it a good go. To finish the day off, we learned all about the traditional dragon dance and we became a dragon, video to follow! ðŸÂœðŸÂ±ðŸ¥¡ðŸ¥¢


We have had a fantastic morning in Birch Class. We started off by learning all about the Big Garden Bird Watch before going outside to use the binoculars to see what we could spy up in the trees. We didn’t see too many birds but we heard their beautiful singing! We spent the rest of the morning making some bird feeders, filling them with lots of lovely treats for the birds on these cold winter days. We’re hoping to see them visiting our feeders over the next few days. We’ll keep a look out and let you know if we see any!


Our Reception and Year 1 children had a real treat this afternoon. We had a visit from the Teddy Bear Hospital, which was a group of medical students from Keele University. They came to teach us all about how to brush our teeth, the job of a surgeon, what to do in an emergency and disabilities and injuries. The children had a fantastic time rotating around the different activities and helping their very own get teddies to look after themselves. We have such a fun afternoon, thank you again to our visitors.


Birch Class have done their first orienteering lesson today based around sequencing. The aim was to create the sequence showed with letters on the sheet. There was a key to show us what each of the letters represented. The children worked very hard and there was some great team work, problem solving and communication going on. Well done everybody!


Outdoor Learning saw us making dinosaur footprints this afternoon 🦕🦖👣We had a think about the size dinosaurs would have been and then looked at the shapes of different types of dinosaur feet. We used sticks to create some huge footprints and metre sticks to help us to measure them. After that we used some chalk to draw our some more dino footsteps of varying sizes. To top of a lovely afternoon, the sun shone above us ðŸŒÅ¾


Birch Class have had a super exciting afternoon, they have all been Palaeontologists (fossil finders). We spent some time last week making fossils in the classroom and when we got to school today, we found that they had been buried and hidden all around the field 🤭 So our job this afternoon was to go and find all of our fossils, it was lots of fun. After we had a photo we pretended to be dinosaurs on the way back to the classroom 🦖🦕 I hope we didn’t scare anybody out walking past school with our ROOOAAARRRRIIINNNNGGGG 😬



 We’ve had the laptops out in Birch Class today for the first time! Before half term we were learning the different parts of a computer/laptop and thinking about the technology around us. Today we have used the trackpad (mouse) to help us move some shapes to make a pattern. We most definitely have some computer whizz’s in the making! 

Our topic is Antarctica. We have been working hard to create this wonderful display in our classroom. We have used our Art lessons to create beautiful icy landscapes, our Topic lessons have helped us to learn all about the Antarctic and our English lessons allowed us to write lists, labels and captions to add to our display. Isn't it flippering great?!


We are Scientists!

In Birch Class, we are learning all about everyday materials and their properties in Science/Outdoor Learning.

We have done an investigation today using water.  The aim was to see if each material changed when it got wet. We learned the words waterproof and not waterproof along with absorbent and not absorbent. We used these to make our predictions before we started our investigation.

The best part was when we tried the towel and Mr Smith let us put our hands under the towel as the water cascaded down into the box, we got a bit wet!

Once we had finished and got back to the classroom, we carried our experiments on using one of our pods full of water and seeing what materials changed when they got wet.


 Birch Class have been on our first visit to the Library today! We had a good look around and loved the under the sea theme. We talked about how to behave when in a library and how to respect the books that we read and take away. We read a lovely book about a little girl starting a new school and making a new friend. We’re all very excited to visit again next week and choose our own books to take home!